Who We Are

SmartWatt is an Abu Dhabi based Energy Services & Consulting Company, offering holistic and integrated energy solutions to Electricity Regulators/Grid Operators and End Users alike. Our strength lies within our people’s exceptional expertise, our strategic partnerships, and our thorough knowledge of the region’s energy sector and its unique geo-political and economic landscape.

These elements, along with our in depth knowledge of demand response, demand side management, and electricity markets, allow us to play an integral role not only in optimizing the Grid Operator’s “cost to reliability ratio”, but in revolutionizing the region’s electricity market-clearing process as well.

Our expert understanding of the power grid stability and security requirements, and its complex economic, regulatory and technical dynamics, enables us to reduce our clients’ electricity expenses and to open their doors to new revenue streams through our highly innovative and truly integrated solutions.

Our Vision

To become the region’s biggest power aggregator, and to play a pivotal role in managing its energy challenges.

Our Mission

To optimize the cost-to-reliability ratio of electricity to Regulators, Grid Operators and End Users by providing bespoke and innovative energy solutions.

Strategic Partnerships & Affiliations

Strategic partnerships with leading companies in the region allows SmartWatt to capitalize on its in-house expertise in power systems to deliver on an array of multidisciplinary projects to a variety of clients.