SmartWatt Plugitin solution is a smart utility management platform (SmartWatt Plugitin Platform) which is underpinned on advanced intelligent analytics for Big Data to serve complex optimization algorithms in the power and energy domains.

At SmartWatt, we are developing the aforementioned platform to address utility performance and operational efficiency across the value chain of the energy sector.

The platform can be used to manage demand side utility consumption at end user consumption sites, namely: commercial & residential buildings, retail spaces, & communities. At a consumer side, this smart utility management can be operated in multiple ways. It can be operated using a cloud-based subscription model where a large developer can use this subscription-based model to monitor their entire portfolio and extend that information to their customers. This same system can also be deployed on site for any consumer to manage their energy and utility consumption and reduce the cost.

Finally, through aggregating our analytics-driven optimization capability at an end-user level, the platform can be used to roll-out national/grid demand side programs that can have impact on the resilience and economic operation of the power grid.

This makes SmartWatt Plugitin solution flexible and practically useable across the value chain of the energy sector. This flexibility is not limited to the usability across the value chain, as our solution comes with the customization capability to address varied client requirements around utility use and consumption. The customization capability is there because of the myriad set of data being analyzed and optimized by our platform.

The service offerings that the platform will be able to offer are:

  1. National level Initiatives:
    • Demand response & power flexibility;
    • National energy management;
    • City wide development of sustainability metrics;
  2. Minimizing Avoidable Losses on Sites such as Airports, Resorts, Outlets, & Industries:
    • Implementation matrix of retrofits;
    • Optimizing energy and utility consumption;
    • Asset Management;
    • Bill Management
  3. Intangible functionalities required by C-level executives and leadership:
    • Utilization & wellness indices;
    • Dashboarding of performance indices across any level of resolution, be it zonal, temporal, device level or department and entity level;
    • Engagement of users in the analytics

The core characteristic of SmartWatt Plugitin that allows the above is advanced level analytics on data stream of different dimensions and attributes related to sites. To allow for such analysis, the following are the main capabilities being developed for the platform:

  • Static depiction of sites in a manner that allows for the above services - here we refer to zonal depiction of any site to any required resolution in addition to parent-child relation between systems and subsystems as they overlay on the zonal depiction;
  • Dynamic analytics on any type, volume and format of data streams received while being superimposed on the above static depiction of the site;
  • Connectivity of the platform to any site regardless of the type of automation and IT structure within the site to allow for data to flow seamlessly into the platform.

To Know More About SmartWatt Plugitin Please Check the Below Document and Video

SmartWatt Plugitin